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Inversion of Control

less than 1 minute read

Inversion of control is a pattern where the creating and life time of the objects is passed from the client to another layer.

Useful Visual Studio Extensions for free

1 minute read

Visual Studio 2010 has hit the market, with its new look and the user experience its the best IDE Microsoft has brought out to the market. Add to the fact th...

Linq to CSV

2 minute read

Its very common to import data from a csv file (flat file) into RDBMS or any such destination. When someone calls it a CSV file it need not be just a comma s...

Agile: Failure scenarios

2 minute read

I just was part of a team which completed one of the most complex products at least I had worked in my short career of 5 years as a software developer. Brief...

Decorator Pattern

2 minute read

Decorator pattern provides a way of attaching a new state and behaviour to the existing objects. Key implementation point for a “Decorator” is that it contai...