Google Chrome for web development

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Html developers might already know that chrome is the best for web-development. If you don’t then check it out.

Chrome has a built in element inspector know as “Google Chrome – Web Inspector”. Webmasters who work closely with HTML, CSS and Javascript would fall in love with this feature.

All one need to do is right click on the webpage and click “Inspect Element”

Inspect Element

Web inspector opens at the bottom of the webpage

Chrome Web

Some of the features of the web inspector are

  1. Elements : Displays the Html of the web page as shown above, if you mouse over a particular element only that element would be highlighted. On the right tab one could also see that element’s computed CSS

  2. Resources: Shows the “resources on client” used by that particular web page including the cookies etcChrome Web
  3. Network: Gives a detailed and graphical information about the network usage
  4. Scripts: Displays all the scripts in the webpage and good news is you can debug the script from here, add watch evaluate expressions etcChrome Web

Web inspector offers a lot more…

Do dig in the webpages and have fun

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