Must have VSCode extensions for Cloud Developers

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Visual studio code is the most preferred IDE amongst the frontend developers, its opensource and supports a wide variety of plugins. In this blog I will list down all plugins that I regularly use for Cloud Development. These extensions make your development process as smooth and productive as possible.

Productivity Extensions

  • Remote WSL I use windows subsystem for linux to do a lot of operations involving python, docker and kubernetes. This plugin helps you to run VSCode directly from the bash.

  • Prettier-Code formatter Code formatting support for most of file types. All you need to do is press F1 and then ‘Format Document’

  • Gitlens Shows line by line history if needed, as the description says a supercharged client for Git.

  • Live Share You can share your coding session with your peers and have live reviews, very useful when you are working in a team consisting remote members.

  • Settings Sync Keeps your settings and extensions in sync between different environments.

  • Rest Client Another gem of an extension I have been an avid user of this extension to execute the REST Apis, works so well with Azure REST Apis.

  • Sort Lines Handy extension to sort lines alphabetically, really useful when you have a long list of configuration stored.

  • TODO Tree Shows the TODOs in your workspace in a tree view.

Programming Language support

  • C# My go to language for application development including but not limited to Azure functions, Web applications.

  • Python As popular as VSCode if not more, is Python language. Its used in all aspects of cloud computing nowadays including AI and Machine learning.

  • Go Another popular language to write containers and cloud native applications.

  • Powershell Preferred scripting language for windows automation.

  • Docker Intellisense, syntax highlighting, linting of Dockerfile and commands.

  • Yaml Linting for Yaml files.

  • Kubernetes Extension to manage, create and deploy Kubernetes either on prem or Azure

  • Terraform Terraform is IaC and IaC is terraform. This extension provides intellisense, syntax highlighting and commands to create terraform templates.

Azure Extensions

Extensions Pack in VS Code is a group of extensions that work well with each other. Microsoft has packaged such necessary extensions for Azure developers.

Markdown Extensions

I use Jekyll to write the blogs, and I had blogged about it earlier and you can read about here. Jekyll is built for markdown files and you know what VSCode is my blog editor too, and the following extensions makes it happen.

  • Markdown Preview Enhanced Provides a side by side preview of the markdown file.

  • Markdown all in one Markdown linting, shortcuts to adding TOC, tables, ordered lists etc.

  • Docs Authoring Pack Another good extension pack from Microsoft, but sometimes annoying with its warning. It contains a spell checker, Markdown lint and other shortcuts.

Themes and Other UI Utilities

  • vscode-icons Icons for every filetype.

  • bracket pair colorizer Different colors for pair of brackets, good visualization when you are writing a large json or an ARM template.

  • Night Owl A Theme for a Night OWL :-D

  • Code Blue An eye soothing blue theme. I keeping switching between the previous and this theme every now and then.

Happy Coding!!!

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