Useful Visual Studio Extensions for free

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Visual Studio 2010 has hit the market, with its new look and the user experience its the best IDE Microsoft has brought out to the market. Add to the fact that they have integrated the architecture module in it (Only in the “Ultimate” edition though 😦 ) .

Here’s the list of few extensions that are available, which would ease a “Developer” daily activities.

  1. Power Commands For Visual Studio 2010: Very useful with some trivial functionalities like collapsing all projects in the solution, copying references from one project to the other, editing project file as text file in the IDE and so on.
  2. DPack for Visual Studio : DPack could easily replace the object browser that defaults in the IDE, this tool has lot many features which are equally useful, but i would like to mention the “Surrounds with” feature. “Surrounds with” allows to you put a block of code into an iterator, construct etc. You can write the code first and then decide whether you need a try catch, just select the code and click “surround with”.
  3. Spell Checker : Most of the developers really don’t bother about the spelling mistakes that they do while writing comments, if they are extracting an API reference these things could really prove costly. So don’t worry and use this extensions to do the spell check for you.
  4. Ghost Doc : Yet another tool for the commenting. This is a real wizard, it converts a function name into readable description. e.g. if the function name is “ImportSource” then it would get an xml comment saying “Imports the Source”.

Will be adding few more to this blog as and when i find something good.

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